K, K, A and other developers,

Regular chat sessions would probably have been useful here, and I think 
that they might still be useful. Probably every interested party but me 
is in the time zone spanned by Keiron and Arved. Anyone in the US? It 
should be possible for you to arrange some times. I would love to 
eavesdrop, and I would try to attend. What times would suit the three of 
you? Do you think it would be useful?


Karen Lease wrote:

>Hi Keiron,
>On the one hand, I'm happy to see new work in the LayoutManagers.
>On the other hand, it turns out, I have been plugging (unfortunately
>really slowly) away at the Break Possibility ideas I mentioned a while
>back and just this very evening I had gotten the Line and Text
>LayoutManagers to where they were actually generating areas based on the
>BreakPoss ... and maybe it was ready for CVS.
>... really I'm not kidding.
>That was when I discovered that you had beat me to it by a few hours. I
>only saw your "thinking aloud" mail last night and my feeling was that
>apart from the "flattening of inline LM" idea, there might not be such a
>big difference in our approaches. But of course, the code itself is
>quite different.
>Arved Sandstrom wrote:
>>Very cool. I will try to pry away from my other project and also doing my
>>income taxes and put in some quality time checking this out this weekend.
>>Sounds like we are basically at the point where a bunch of us can usefully
>>pitch in. :-)
>>>-----Original Message-----
>>>From: Keiron Liddle [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
>>>Hi Developers,
>>>I just committed a bunch of changes to the line layout.
>>>I think it now has a reasonable basis to further develop the inline level
>>>areas and build line areas.

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