Keiron Liddle wrote:

> Karen,
> On 2002.04.29 22:39 Karen Lease wrote:
>> It's certainly true that mixing blocks in inlines, as the spec says is
>> allowed, gets very complicated. I remember some discussion of this on
>> the list a long while ago and I think we actually asked the XSL editors
>> what kind of areas they imagined this generating, but never got an
>> answer. If I understand your idea correctly, the layout areas you would
>> generate from this example are the ones I would like to generate also.
>> (Block area containing some lines, nested block, more lines, nested
>> block and more lines.)
> Yes. Basically the same as having a block among text inside a block. 
> Although I don't know what would happen with non-inheritable 
> properties like background.
>> *** I think this is clearly the key issue to decide in this round of
>> discussions: flattened or nested.
> I think it is possible both ways but not necessarily easy.
> I noticed in the spec it says inline areas may have inline area 
> children but its content rectangle and axamples seem a bit different 
> from what we are talking about here.

K & K,

I think it will necessarily be both, as your discussions are tending to 
show.  If so, which is easier: generating flattened areas from trees, or 
generating trees from flattened areas?  No contest.  My notes on 
galleys, keeps and spaces may be relevant here.

Incidentally, I have always been a bit surprised that the spec authors 
did not attempt a fully recursive definition within page viewports.  It 
really is a page-oriented spec.


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