Hi Foppers,

I've gone ahead and committed the major part of the Break Possibility
approach to layout managers which I have developped. It leaves Keiron's
new code intact (except for a couple of changes I needed to make to be
able to subclass his LineLayoutManager). It's also not activated; to do
so there are two changes to make:
org.apache.fop.fo.FOText: create a TextBPLayoutManager instead of a
org.apache.fop.layoutmgr.BlockLayoutManager:  create a
LineBPLayoutManager instead of a LineLayoutManager

Both changes are in comments. This code will run for blocks containing
text but not much else. It's mostly just to illustrate the idea.
I didn't try to work in the block-level versions of the BP layout
managers, at least not for now.

In most ways, it's a good deal less functional than Keiron's code;
however it does have some code to handle resolution of sequences of
space specifiers, and the text layout code has the start of some
word-space handling.

It might be helpful to have another look at the design document
describing the general idea when looking at the code.


Keiron Liddle wrote:
> Hi Developers,
> I just committed a bunch of changes to the line layout.
> I think it now has a reasonable basis to further develop the inline level
> areas and build line areas.
> If you run it over alignment.fo or instream.fo you will see that it mostly
> works for these examples.
> It does the spacing and vertical alignment.

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