Some extra topics I have been thinking about:

Determining best break.
(What is the level of keep broken by a hyphenation, is it 0 for 
hyphenating and always for not?)
The best break position has an equal or lower keep value and is closer to 
the optimum position.
If there are keeps between the minimum and optimum ipd then we need to go 
further until a 0 keep is found or we hit the max. The best break is then 
known as a particular position.
It looks like the layout context and break possiblity could handle finding 
this best break so this should be fine.

Re-doing content for change in ipd or change of page.
In the case of floats and footnotes these are associated with a line. If 
the line cannot fit then we need to remove everything and re-add for the 
next place. If the line contains resolved areas (ie. page number) then 
this line needs to be redone. There are two issues, how to start again at 
a particular line due to changes in ipd or resolving values and throwing 
away all inline areas and managers for parts that are already placed onto 
a finished page.
This is what my LineInfo and LayoutPos are for.

Once we have the inline areas they need aligning. Using the nested inline 
areas will require different processing which could be more helpful in the 
paddng/spacing situations, I'm not sure. This is not much of an issue.

On 2002.04.29 22:39 Karen Lease wrote:
> It's certainly true that mixing blocks in inlines, as the spec says is
> allowed, gets very complicated. I remember some discussion of this on
> the list a long while ago and I think we actually asked the XSL editors
> what kind of areas they imagined this generating, but never got an
> answer. If I understand your idea correctly, the layout areas you would
> generate from this example are the ones I would like to generate also.
> (Block area containing some lines, nested block, more lines, nested
> block and more lines.)

Yes. Basically the same as having a block among text inside a block. 
Although I don't know what would happen with non-inheritable properties 
like background.

> *** I think this is clearly the key issue to decide in this round of
> discussions: flattened or nested.

I think it is possible both ways but not necessarily easy.
I noticed in the spec it says inline areas may have inline area children 
but its content rectangle and axamples seem a bit different from what we 
are talking about here.

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