I agree.
That's why I want to get through this stage so that it is possible to 
concentrate on smaller self contained parts.

For now I think these are the parts:
- come up with our "best" line layout manager process
- create a block/pagination process
- document possible difficult cases, this will help everyone see why 
things are done in a particular way

and the first one should be handled like you said.

Then we should be ready to break things down into smaller parts for 

On 2002.04.28 23:47 Karen Lease wrote:
> Arved,
> I think the "ownership" idea is a good one. Especially since we now have
> some new committers who are full of energy and we have a batch of new
> code in the "redesign" branch which people can (and should!) look at and
> respond to. I think we can start like this:
> a) review the code which Kerion and I have committed in the last couple
> of days.
> b) discuss it here on the list; if it would then seem useful to have a
> more instantaneous forum to work out issues, we can work on setting that
> up.
> c) parcel out work on the code to various owners. There's lot's to do,
> so no one should feel left out.
> d) Communicate on the list (I think it's better than using the Status
> file, more spontaneous) about what we intend to do in the next
> "iteration" (next couple of weeks say). We could use a specific tag line
> like [PLANNING UPDATE] or some such so these messages wouldn't get lost
> in the forest.
> Regards,
> Karen

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