Hi Jeremias,

That sounds reasonable.
The actual interface may not be the render interface since we also need
to include the rtf, mif handlers.

On Tue, 2002-06-04 at 11:32, Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> I'd compose the role name using the Renderer interfaces role name
> ("org.apache.fop.render.Renderer") plus a purpose (in our case the MIME
> type, ex. "application/pdf"). An example:
> "org.apache.fop.render.Renderer/application/pdf"
> If someone has got his own replacement for some renderer he can change
> the component setup XML so the MIME type "application/pdf" references
> the custom PDF renderer. Or maybe he/she can use additional attributes
> on the mime types such as a non-standard "application/pdf;
> type=mycustomtype". Just ideas. It should work, since we don't even have
> to parse the mime types. And the blanks in the role name shouldn't be a
> problem.
> Here's an excerpt from Berin Loritsch's Developing with Avalon
> concerning role names (from
> http://jakarta.apache.org/avalon/developing/framework.html):
> If we have multiple Components that implement the same work interface,
> but are used for different purposes, we have separate roles. A Role is
> the Component's purpose in the system. Each role name will start with
> the original role name, but the purpose name of the role will be
> appended with a /${purpose}. By example we could have the following
> purposes for our DocumentRepository: PurchaseOrder and Bill. Our two
> roles would be expressed as DocumentRepository.ROLE + "/PurchaseOrder"
> and DocuementRepository.ROLE + "/Bill", respectively. 

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