Hi Keiron

Oh, that's right. And there's AWT that might some kind of a speciality.
I mean, some will simply want to start the preview dialog, that's simple.
Others will want to paint on a custom panel.

Ok, that means we probably get another interface (TargetFormat?). That's
what is looked up using the MIME type. We will have two or three
implementations of this interface (one for StructureHandler and one for
Renderer or StreamRenderer/AWTRenderer). Over this new interface FOP
finds out whether this is a structure renderer or a layouted renderer.
Now, if I'm going the right track, is TargetFormat a factory or just a
pointer for another lookup operation on the actual renderer or structure
handler? I don't know, yet. As I can see StructureHandler is a class
right now. Wouldn't it be better if this was just an interface?

Anyway, looks like I have to look into the new code in the main branch
first. I totally forgot there's the StructureHandler now.

> That sounds reasonable.
> The actual interface may not be the render interface since we also need
> to include the rtf, mif handlers.

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