Now that we have some pagination there are lots of areas that people can
work on. 
If you want to implement any of these and have any questions then just

Once we can get a few of these done then we could do a developers

- Add static areas to page 
The static areas will need to be handled in a similar way to the flow
except the bpd is unlimited and it will need to reset and repeat for
each page. 

- Add id areas to page when area added 
When the layout managers add an area to the page it can also add the id

- Resolve id references on other pages, extensions 
When an id is added to a page this will allow id references to be

- Add markers to page when areas added 
When an area is added that is created by an FO that contains markers
then the markers can also be added. There are four types of positions
for markers. 

- Retrieve markers from page 
When doing the static areas the markers wil need to be available for
retrieving. The marker can then be layed out as normal. 

- calculate line height 
The line height needs to be calculated while finding breaks. This needs
to include all the alignment and height details of the inline areas. 

- Various inline objects
Page number, page number citation etc. need to be implemented.

- Implement page caching 
If a page need to be stored for the store pages or waiting to resolve
forward references then we need a cache mechanism to save the page

- Implement table layout 
The table layout will use the same technique as the block layout. It
will locate suitable breaks between rows or inside rows until table
finished or end of bpd reached. 

- Implement list layout 
The list layout like the table layout will be looking for suitable
breaks from the child objects. The it will add the appropriate areas to
the area tree. 

- Get bookmark extension working 
Make sure the extension id references are resolved. Once the data is
fully resolved then implement a way for the pdf renderer to add the
bookmarks. See branch for code how to add bookmarks. 

These are just some of the things, I will add them to the todo list.
If there is a decent response then there are more that can be added.

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