On Mon, 2002-08-12 at 21:17, J.U. Anderegg wrote:
> o Are there specified packages, classes to be programmed? Are the
> interfaces/interface objects specified?

Mostly yes, and if someone wants more information I can go into more

> o Are prerequisite packages or test drivers available?

I'mn not sure what you mean.

> o Are the basic formatting rules documented: how are (collapsing) borders,
> margins, spaces added and adjusted in area calculations,passed to renderers?

When someone works that out they can tell us.

> > As far as I know there is never a case where a finished page should be
> > redone. Once a page is complete that is it.
> > Those problems should be solved during the layout of a page only and not
> > considering furture pages.
> and if you have a TOC at the begin of a document, "see page 967" on page 3
> ("967" unresolved at formatting time of page 3)? Are optimal/maximal/minimal
> space, floats, footnotes, keeps, table breaks adequately handled without
> lookahead and backtracking, multiple formatting passes?

Even if you do multiple passes it is possible to never be able to fix
the layout.
The solution is to reserve some space for the "967" and when the value
is resolved then redo the layout for that line only. 99% of the time
this will work perfectly well.

> Hansuli Anderegg

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