o Are there specified packages, classes to be programmed? Are the
interfaces/interface objects specified?
o Are prerequisite packages or test drivers available?
o Are the basic formatting rules documented: how are (collapsing) borders,
margins, spaces added and adjusted in area calculations,passed to renderers?

> As far as I know there is never a case where a finished page should be
> redone. Once a page is complete that is it.
> Those problems should be solved during the layout of a page only and not
> considering furture pages.

and if you have a TOC at the begin of a document, "see page 967" on page 3
("967" unresolved at formatting time of page 3)? Are optimal/maximal/minimal
space, floats, footnotes, keeps, table breaks adequately handled without
lookahead and backtracking, multiple formatting passes?

Hansuli Anderegg

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