Keiron Liddle wrote:
> - Add static areas to page 
> The static areas will need to be handled in a similar way to the flow
> except the bpd is unlimited and it will need to reset and repeat for
> each page. 

I looked at it. Is static content supposed to be handled
by a FlowLayoutManager too? It seems a bit too specialized
to a fo:flow to me.

I think I understand now why the design of HEAD is as
it is now. I still think there are better possibilities,
perhaps deriving classes representing FOs from layout
manager classes, thereby avoiding communication between
the objects representing FOs and the associated layout

Does anybody dare to apply an OO metric to HEAD? Deeply
nested inheritance trees, lots of communications from
everywhere to everywhere... I'd bet the complexity is
just a notch below "for supergeniuses only", which would
nicely fit the unusual long time it took me to grasp
why *anything* is laid out at all.

 > except the bpd is unlimited
You mean "limited", do you?


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