FOP Developers:

I submitted a patch (through Bugzilla, for trunk) that fixes some problems
in the pdfdoc build. I realize that Joerg is doing some work in that area as
well, and I don't mean to step on any of that, but I am not sure exactly
what that work involves, so I pressed forward. (BTW, my apologies to
Joerg -- I think I have mis-Romanized his name in some previous postings).
My purpose here is to be able to generate a downloadable PDF that is the
"FOP User Documentation". I haven't touched the content yet.

Item 1: The 0.20.4 release does not seem to have the fo.pdf file included,
probably because the xmldoc files aren't in the maintenance branch (to build
the pdfdocs, use the FOP classes from the maintenance branch on the xml-docs
files in the trunk). Since we don't plan to do many more releases from the
maintenance branch, I don't know whether it is easier to a) copy the files
from trunk to maintenance, b) just generate the pdf from the trunk & include
it with the maintenance release, or c) not include the document in the

Item 2: I intend to spend some more time on the doc, contingent upon whether
I am interfering with Joerg's efforts. There are still some infrastructure
things that need to be fixed (internal links in the pdf need to be fixed,
for example). Equally important, I want to beef up some of the content
areas, especially the FAQ. (It has been well-documented on this list that
nobody reads the FAQ, but I need a place to write such things just for my
own benefit :-)  ).

Item 3: This is really a question about content organization. I would like
to split the documentation into two groups, user and developer, and in
addition to the document mentioned above, generate an "FOP Developer
Documentation" pdf. This would involve pulling some of the doc out of the
current directory (docs/xml-docs/fop) and moving it to a new one
(docs/xml-docs/fop-dev). The benefits of this approach seem clear to me, but
please let me know if you have general objections. Also, this may have web
site and Forrest ramifications (I am unclear on how our web site is
currently generated), so there may be implementation objections as well.


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