On Thu, 2002-10-10 at 00:00, J.Pietschmann wrote:
> Christian Geisert wrote:
> > Ok. IMHO the next step should be the migration of the current docs
> > to forrest (Joerg?)
> Migration to forrest DTDs. I seem to have lost track of recent changes,
> and I'm still unwilling to force everyone to use forrest, which includes
> Cocoon, simply to build the docs, which is unfortunately required if
> you want to use forrest's XSLT unchanged. I'm almost done, only a few
> small issues remain (one is that I'm in horror of doing large additions
> and deletions to the source tree).

I wouldn't think that many people do or need to create the html from the
source docs. I think it is reasonable to ask those that do to use

We could let them download a forrest runtime, set up the path and call
"forrest", the docs would then be created.

I really want the new docs in cvs so we can start to clear up many of
the issues that keep getting asked on the lists.


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