Hi, my name is Scott Sauyet, a Java developer in Connecticut, USA.  I'm 
new to this group.  I've been reading for about a month, but have made 
no contributions yet.

I would like to contribute.  Eventually, I hope to understand the system 
well enough to produce a spin-off which could render output for 
high-volume printers, in Xerox Metacode, AFP, or some such; this would 
be very useful for my industry.  First, obviously, I have to learn how 
it all works.

I'm looking for a suggestion.  When trying to learn a system, I usually 
find it easiest to have some task, some project that would improve the 
product.  I don't want to assign any work to myself from the bug list.  
I don't know how much time I can dedicate to it, and I don't want anyone 
thinking something is being actively worked on when it's not clear if I 
can deliver or when it might be ready.

So what I was hoping for is a suggestion for something that I can work 
on that might be useful, but not critical to any immediate plans, 
ideally something that overlaps little with currently active portions of 
the project.

If you have any ideas, please let me know, either on or off the mailing 


  -- Scott

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