Sauyet, Scott (OTS-HAR) wrote:
>>So what I was hoping for is a suggestion for something that I can work 
>>on that might be useful, but not critical to any immediate plans, 
>>ideally something that overlaps little with currently active portions of 
>>the project.
> There were no replies yesterday.

Well, I thought I wait for one of the lead developers to surface.

First, you'll have to decide whether you want to work on the
redesigned code (CVS HEAD), or fix bugs, or do some experiments
in the maintenance branch. Either way has it's pros and cons.

Picking work for the maintenance branch is easy: there's
bugzilla, and the list. The advantage is taht you might
immediately help some people, the drawback is that your work
is lost after the maintenance branch is abandoned, and you
probably can't take much to CVS HEAD.

For working on HEAD, pick an area:
- layout core
- a renderer
- the font subsystem
- API and configuration
- parsing and property resolution
- FO extensions

Expertise neede for the layout core
- Java
- intimate XSLFO knowledge, up to language lawyering
- layout algorithms (and TR14)
- the current design
There is a task list, as already noted.
A small task not on the list would be to provide the Unicode
character propery DB.

For a renderer, you'll need mainly knowledge of the rendered
format. A small, self containing task would be implementing
PDF encryption. There's also a task list.

Font subsystem:
- the metric file generators probably need lots of fixes. Get a lot of
fonts from public directories and other sources and try them.
- support for other font file formats
- improve usability of the font metrics generators (auto format detection,
write a GUI, leverage platform specific repositories)

API and configuration: search the list for the discussions
- get rid of static configuration data
- redesign API with emphasis on easy embedding
- URI resolving for images and font files
- configurable image chaching
- configurable image format detection and handling
- auto-detection of image format support (in particular JAI vs. JIMI)

FO extensions
- author and other information for PDF and perhaps other formatss
- cache="yes|no" for external-graphics
- embed forms and JS stuff in PDF.
- embedding binary image formats, for example base64 encoded in
- look at MathML support
- dig out a processor which produces charts and graphs form some
marked up data and tie it into instream-foreign-object


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