> = Bertrand Delacretaz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>> = Scott Sauyet <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

>> Does anyone have a suggestion about something I could look at fixing /
>> enhancing which is not mission-critical, but which might give me a chance
>> to look at a fair bit of the code?

> The integration of jfor (www.jfor.org) as a structure renderer for RTF 
> documents is still waiting for someone to jump in. If you have good java 
> skills and want to tackle this one we can certainly help you find your

I expect my Java skills are up to the task.  This is all J2SE, right?  I
have no experience with J2ME, and only a little with J2EE.

I don't really have a sense of the charter of FOP.  I know that there is a
an AWT Renderer as well as the PDF converter, but is that meant more as a
testing system than as something critical to the central project?  Or do I
misunderstand?  So is integrating other renderers something that the group
would eventually like to do?

For me, that would be a real plus, as I'm hoping to eventually work with
PDLs for high-volume printers.

> But note that this part of FOP is not at all related to PDF layout, fonts,

> etc., it's a fairly different way of rendering documents.

As of today, I know nothing about PDF syntax and little about RTF.  I figure
I'm going to have to learn both.  I understand FO fairly well, and I speak
Java fairly fluently.  What do you think is first priority?

So how would we expect this to integrate.  What user code would change to 
generate an RTF document rather than a PDF one?

And as to mechanics, what code should I start with?

Thanks for any info,

  -- Scott

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