Keiron Liddle wrote:

> Since we now have some patches lining up in bugzilla I was wondering
> how/who these should be handled.
> Victor how do you suggest that we approach this, what do you see
> hapenning.

My previous suggestion was to have one of the committers volunteer to
monitor the queue for a period of time -- ie. that they would place this at
the highest priority in their FOP work for, perhaps, a month. With the
volume of patches that is coming in right now, that should (I think) be
pretty light duty. At one time, both Arved & Karen had agreed to
more-or-less do that. At the time, and for some time afterward, there was
nothing in the queue, and they might very well have gotten out of the habit
of looking -- also I am not sure that there was a way to conveniently see
the contents of the queue.

I still like the above idea, but I realize that there are other priorities.

I do think having the queue is a huge improvement. Under the previous
system, there was no way of knowing whether a submission had gone into a
black hole.

> And of course the other issue, where are these patches eventually
> leading to. What I want is that this process goes smoothly and promptly
> with causing further confusion and fragmentation.

If this question has to do with submitting patches to the maintenance
branch, I do have some comments on that. If not, then what is meant by
"confusion and fragmentation"?

Victor Mote

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