Victor Mote wrote:

> If it is not feasible to unify significant portions of the two branches,
> either by switching them in the repository or by putting them into one
> branch, then I propose that we clarify our terminology by using the term
> "rewrite" instead of "redesign". This would signal that we are not merely
> rebuilding an important module, but that the changes are
> pervasive, and that
> the old code has been effectively abandoned.

Upon further consideration, I would also recommend that, in the above case,
we actually put the code into two different projects. Branches imply
eventual merging, and I think that is part of what has been confusing me. By
cutting that tie, it would be clear that there will be no merging. Right
now, we are kind of half in and half out, and it would be good to signal
whatever decision is reached definitively, mostly for the benefit of those
of us (me) who are slow to catch on.

Victor Mote

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