Oleg Tkachenko wrote:

> and contributors efforts. Maintenance branch, as you correctly noted, is
> in production at many sites therefore making it a project on its own
> will lead to a strengthening of its meaning and this way we'll encourage
> many existing and future contributors to work on it, instead of helping
> us to get HEAD up.

This is a fair point, but I think it weighs only in the decision about
whether we have a rewrite or not. In other words, it might weigh into the
economics of whether it is worth it for us to merge the sections of code
that can be merged. We might be willing to spend more time and effort
getting the two branches pulled back together than we would be if the above
were not true. If we really do have a rewrite, then I think it will clarify
everything to split into two projects, and I don't begrudge folks from
working on the old one instead of the new one any more than I would begrudge
the RenderX guys working on their product instead of FOP, or the Batik guys
working on Batik instead of FOP. The problem that Oleg mentions is already
the status quo.

Victor Mote

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