Oleg Tkachenko wrote:
- Fine tuning: A single large image will block a lot of memory during
rendering. A possibility is a fox:cache="no" control property. In order
to preserve semantics, a null image is cached for this URL, and an error
is generated in case it is attempted to render the image a second time.

I don't get it a little bit, why error should be generated? What's wrong with reloading an image each time it's referenced?
Because it breaks the (FOP) specified semantics that the image is
always the same in case the source chooses to supply a different
image on each access. But see the other post.

- Dynamic URLs. In order to achive this, we can extend the functions
in property expressions by concat() and page-number().

This one looks dubious for me. Can we add any new functions to the core library?
Can we? Sure.
Is it wise to do so? Oh well, get me an asbestos suit quickly!

Extension functions in different namespace like we used to in xpath are certanly not allowed in xsl as FunctionName here is NCName in contrast to QName in xpath. One more fault in the spec I think. :(
Oops! I didn't notice this.
Didn't someone on the XML-DEV list recently mention they prepare for
a 2.0? Seems they have to do a lot of home work for this!
BTW changing NCName -> QName is probably considered an incompatible
change, warranting a new release...

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