Hi Developers, 

The current way that breaks are found with the layout managers has a
couple of problems. 
Currently the information is contained in both the layout managers and
the break positions. This means that it must follow the order: get
breaks: add areas: get breaks etc. So columns are not possible. 
The other problem is there is no good way to indicate that the end of
the page has been reached. (there are a few other problems that stem
from this)

So it needs to be adjusted a bit in order to make the process simpler
and more localised.

What I am thinking is to: 
- each layout manager adds breaks to a local list and returns and stores
information about the break
- it returns the last/best break, which contains why it is the last,
forced, end page, end contents 
- the best break is found
- once found each layout manager only knows that the best break is
within a particular child layout manager
- the best break is added to a list within each layout manager that
contains the best break

This way it can continue to find breaks independent of previous breaks.
It can restart at a particular break, using the previous breaks if
nothing has change (ipd or page) and open the possibility for disposing
of layout managers and breaks that have been added to a page.

At the moment I am finding it is getting too complicated and messy.

So does that sound right. (does anyone even know what I am talking


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