On Tue, 2002-12-10 at 05:45, Victor Mote wrote:
> I have been running this on the Apache machine. Is that OK? If successful,
> we can theoretically just add a cron job to publish periodically if we wish,
> until Forrest is ready to do its magic for us.
> When running forrest, I am getting the NoClassDefFoundError on
> java.awt.Rectangle, which I assume is Batik failing during pdf generation
> because of running in a headless environment. I did not find any of our
> solutions in our headless FAQ available on that machine. How have you been
> handling this? Or have you been running locally & then uploading the
> completed web site?

I was running it locally.

> I wonder if we still should have this under cvs control. It probably doesn't
> matter much for the html files, but the pdf files are binary, and cvs is
> basically keeping a full copy of each revision. For example, status.pdf is
> currently 8328 bytes, and status.pdf,v which contains 3 versions, is 27,769
> bytes. Since these are generated files now, we probably don't need an audit
> trail of them.

I agree, I suppose it depends on the way it will function. Cvs just
happens to be easy.

> Does committing the documents actually trigger something that immediately
> updates the web site, or is there some process that runs periodically that
> does that?

I think there is something that does update it (for certain projects) at
a certain time. I don't know if fop has it working.

> I am hoping, if this script works, that we can change our
> workflow as follows: If a reasonably good question comes up on the user list
> that can/should be addressed in our doc, the monitor (usually Joerg or Oleg)
> can change the doc, republish the web site, and post an answer that contains
> a link to the new doc, along with a comment that it was just updated. In
> this way, not only does the question get answered, but the doc is improved,
> for little more than the cost of answering it. This only works well if the
> doc can be republished almost at will. I'm hoping that the monitors would
> view this as an investment that should result in less questions on the user
> list (especially after our doc gets a reputation for being thorough), but,
> if not, I'll try to cull through the lists to update the doc myself. This
> would require a less-frequent update cycle -- once a day is probably plenty.

My hope too.

We could make the pdf's text (with the correct filter) but larger. One
option might also be to disable the creation date which obviously
changes each time.

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