Jeff Turner wrote:
Forrest is in the same boat as FOP when it comes to site updates.  AFAIK,
there are no docs, but the process is:

 - Committers commit generated docs to xml-site/targets/{project}
Generated by what? Forrestbot? Where? Is the login that appears at my logname and passwd? The login transaction is not secure.

From the point above, this process is just like the previous one. I have a checkout on my system of xml-site/targets/fop for just this purpose. The only difference was that I would perform a cvs update of the FOP site manually, on, after committing the changes. So where does forrestbot come in?

 - Every X hours, a script updates /www/ or wherever on
   the live site, from CVS.

Pretty messy, but this CVS-based site update system has some virtues:

 - it is pull-based, so fewer security risks
 - site contents can be reverted easily without an admin having to figure
   out how the doc generation tool works.
 - it's there and it works

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