On Wed, Dec 11, 2002 at 11:24:34PM +1000, Peter B. West wrote:
> Jeff Turner wrote:
> >
> >Forrest is in the same boat as FOP when it comes to site updates.  AFAIK,
> >there are no docs, but the process is:
> >
> > - Committers commit generated docs to xml-site/targets/{project}
> Generated by what?

By Forrest, usually by hand.  I update the Forrest site with:

jeff@expresso:~/xml-forrest$ forrest
... wait for Forrest to finish ...
jeff@expresso:~/xml-forrest$ cp -rp build/site/* ../../../xml-site/targets/forrest
jeff@expresso:~/xml-forrest$ cd ../xml-site/targets/forrest
jeff@expresso:~/xml-site/targets/forrest$ cvs update
... Check for files that need to be 'cvs add'ed ...
jeff@expresso:~/xml-site/targets/forrest$ cvs commit

> Forrestbot?

Forrestbot is a glorified Ant script which automates the process of
checking out a site's contents from CVS, building the docs and uploading
the docs somewhere.  It currently has no official role in the
getting-HTML-onto-Apache process.

> Where?  Is the login that appears at forrestbot.cocoondev.org my
> cvs.apache.org logname and passwd?  The login transaction is not
> secure.

forrestbot.cocoondev.org currently plays no role in the process of
checking HTML into xml-site.  It could in future, but not yet.

The username/password is forrest-dev/forrest-dev.  Logging in simply
allows you to trigger a refresh of forrestbot.cocoondev.org/site/xml-fop.

> From the point above, this process is just like the previous one.  I 
> have a checkout on my system of xml-site/targets/fop for just this 
> purpose.  The only difference was that I would perform a cvs update of 
> the FOP site manually, on xml.apache.org, after committing the changes. 
>  So where does forrestbot come in?

It doesn't :)  Sorry if I implied it did by posting that URL in the
middle of the discussion.

However, if no-one comes up with a better mechanism for updating the live
site than xml-site/targets/*, then I will enable the commit-to-Apache-CVS
button, and forrestbot.cocoondev.org will be useful as more than just a
staging server.


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