On Thu, 2002-12-12 at 16:16, Jeff Turner wrote:
> Yes.  There is nothing wrong with FOP grabbing the latest DTDs from
> Forrest and including them locally.  That is effectively what users of
> Forrest binary distributions do; they're using an old snapshot of the
> DTDs.

The problems at the moment I think are with versioning and what might
happen in the future. This would require updating with external changes
rather than relying on the external directly.

How stable etc. are things?

> Including the DTDs would IMO be a good idea.  They are only 57k.  The
> question is, what catalog-aware validation tool would you use?
> I would suggest upgrading the version of Ant bundled with FOP to 1.6-dev
> from CVS.  This includes <xmlcatalog> support for multiple external
> catalogs.  So after editing xdocs, developers could type 'build
> validate', and if everything passes, they can safely commit the xdocs.
> Then check on http://forrestbot.cocoondev.org if the changes look okay..
> and one day, trigger an xml-site commit from that site too.  Tada..
> Forrest is no longer required for daily edits :)

That sounds like a good idea once things settle down. Especially for
small patches.

What do others think?

I have a question. Why does the compliance.html work for the forrestbot
but not on my machine.
I get the error:
Failed to create InputSource:

The file exists in that location (yes I have checked). So why can it not
find the dtd. Is there a "/" missing or something like that. The
"file:/" prepends a valid unix path.

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