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- Do we like our current logo? :-)
That's a big question actually :) afair Keiron said the current logo should be at least brighten to fit forrest-ed site design better or suggested to make the logo contest. Should admit I spent a couple of hours trying to implement my ideas about the logo (leading motifs were medieval typographic dropcaps and a parrot as (imho) the most foppish animal) but I'm too bad artist and the results were too ugly :)
My suggestion is to announce the new FOP logo contest in fop-user list or broader, like recent Amaya welcome page contest[1] (the winner gets bragging rights). Then we can vote among developers or users, how the idea?

[1] http://www.w3.org/Amaya/contest.html
I mentioned the need for a logo some months ago to an acquaintance of mine who is a graphics design student. She came up with some interesting ideas, but they were incomplete the last time I spoke to her (just before Christmas.) I will try to get in touch with her again, and get her to post some of her sketches for comment.

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