On Saturday 11 January 2003 20:13, Victor Mote wrote:
> Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> > - Do we like our current logo? :-)
> I hope I am not out of line to ask an even more fundamental question --
> do we like our current name? I never have a problem writing it, but when
> speaking it, I cannot make my mouth say "fop", but invariably say
> "eff-oh-pee" instead. Our root "FO" is a FOrtunate or perhaps FOrtuitous
> one, as there are many English words that start with these letters, and
> probably many more that contain them. FOr(r)est might have been good
> (since we seem to work with trees a lot), but is taken. FOrward, FOcus,
> or even FOreword might each work, or efFOrtless (????). How about
> FOliage (with a leaf logo)? Or perhaps a Latin word to reflect our
> international crew -- FOcus (again), or FOrtis, or FOrum. I also like
> Oleg's idea of throwing it out to the user community.

After having tried to understand how fop works by just reading the code for 
a couple of hours now, FOrtress inevitably comes to my mind ;-)
(in the sense of: Not easy to get in, at least for a newbie)


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