Oleg Tkachenko wrote:

> I like it. First of all "FOP" is well-known among the whole xml
> community for ages (what costs much) and secondly "fop" word has a

Yes, this is the primary consideration. The only reason why I mention it now
at all is that changing such things is always better done sooner rather than

> Entry Word: fop
> Function: noun
> Text: a man who is conspicuously fashionable or elegant in dress or
> appearance <felt contempt for the mincing overdressed fop>
> Synonyms Beau Brummel, blood, buck, coxcomb, dandy, dude, exquisite,
> gallant, lounge lizard, macaroni, petit-maître, popinjay
> Related Word fashion plate, silk stocking; blade, cavalier,
> man-about-town, spark, sport, swell; ladies' man, lady-killer, masher
> Idioms man of the world
>   I never have a problem writing it, but when
> > speaking it, I cannot make my mouth say "fop", but invariably say
> > "eff-oh-pee" instead.
> May I ask why? (Sorry, after spending the whole day in the beach I'm a
> liitle bit stupid :)

It must be a cultural thing. The dictionary definition you gave should tell
the story well enough -- see the example "felt contempt for the mincing
...". The word is a pejorative, but perhaps more so in my part of the world,
where calling someone a "fop" or a "dandy" might be fighting words. In my
mind it connotes "sissy" on one end of the scale and "big hat, no cattle" on
the other. This is all partially mitigated by the fact that the word is
pretty much in disuse, so maybe nobody else knows what it means.

Finding myself in the minority, I withdraw the question. I intended no
offence. As a workaround, please don't be offended if I continue to treat
the name as an acronym instead of a word.

Victor Mote

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