Peter B. West wrote:

> Re my comment on this, I thought I should warn you that I am addicted to
> ironical jokes, which can be a dangerous habit with email.  I dislike
> emoticons, probably because I am more of a snob than I like to admit,
> but also because they seem to me to discourage any attempt either to
> write or to read the subtle - or the ironical! - from email.  An
> advantage of the longevity of a forum like this is that we get to know
> each other's style, so I hope that my un-emoticoned attempts at humour
> are read as such.  I'll see if I can squeeze one out.
> ....,; :) >;,....

We're OK. I caught your irony. My response was really entirely to Oleg's
question. However, I really was concerned about offending someone -- things
like names and logos carry a certain emotional weight.

In other words, I might worry about offending some on this list, but it
really wouldn't bother me to offend you at all, Peter. VVBG :-)

Victor Mote

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