Victor Mote wrote:
Jeremias Maerki wrote:

I'll continue to do the directory moves in the redesign and I'm still
hoping for a volunteer to do the server side move/copy of the src/org
directory to src/java/org.

I'll be glad to help with the server side move/copy. AFAIK, a simple Unix
mv/cp should do the trick on the server side. My preference is to use cp &
then move the old stuff to the attic after the dust settles (that will cost
us only about 21 MB of disk space). The real issue is that /everyone's/
sandbox is messed up by this, so it is worthwhile to coordinate this so that
everyone can get changes checked in (or moved aside), blow away their
sandbox, & get a clean sandbox after the surgery. Also, it would be good to
know that we could get our repository restored if something went wrong -- do
we know how to do that?
Victor, Oleg,

My distinct preference would be to do this in the boring, staid old fuddy-duddy way (that's the kind of guy I am.) Go through the motions of local move, cvs remove, cvs add and cvs ci. This is the way with the least complications.

If the issue is 100Mb of disc space, then the system desperately needs another 50Gb or so of disc. We can all donate $5 and give it to the ASF.

"Lord, to whom shall we go?"

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