> I'd say we can't keep something like that within our codebase because it
> contradicts the Apache licence. It is entirely possible that someone
> sells a product that uses FOP. That wouldn't violate the Apache licence
> but the licence of this hyphenation file. Recent discussions on various
> Apache mailing lists show that we shouldn't include anything in our
> codebase that uses a licence that is not officially approved.

I agree.
Should probably take a look at it and if we cannot distribute then remove them. 
Maybe we could try to make them available in some other way.

> I wasn't aware that the hyphenation patterns had their own licences. So,
> the obvious conclusion is that we need to check every one of these files
> and remove the ones that are not compatible with the Apache licence.
> That includes checking where the files came from.
> Just for reference: http://nagoya.apache.org/wiki/apachewiki.cgi?Licensing

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