Jeremias Maerki wrote:
I've just checked de.xml as an example. It refers to the LPPL ( IANAL but the point 7 of the
"conditions on distribution and modification" state that the licence
under which the modified file (de.xml) is distributed must meet some requirements. The APL cannot meet them IMO. Therefore we must remove
this file. Do you guys agree?
Yes, IIUC Apache Software License does not forbid the distribution
under the original filename.
(not that it would make sense to rename de.xml to dehyph.tex and distribute it..)

Mmmh .. looks like we'll have to remove those files.

While doing a quick search for other hyphenation optiones I've
found a hyphenation dictionary which is based on the TeX
hyphenation tables and licensed under GNU LGPL ...

What about the planed RC2 release on monday - make it without hyphenation patterns or wait until the issue is "resolved"


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