Christian Geisert wrote:
Jeremias Maerki wrote:
- Remove all incompatible hyphenation files from CVS which are not clear
  to be ok.
So remove everything excpet fi, pl and pt?
Ouch. I don't think we can distribute FOP without english

I just had another look at the LPPL and the other files.
The LPPL file I examined seems to be harmless. The license
says we can distribute the hyphenation XML file as derived
from the original TeX hyphenation file as long as there is
a pointer/URL to the original "The Program". It's not quite
clear to me what "The Program" is in case of the hyphenation
file, but it doesn't seem to include much more than the
hyphenation file itself, in this case, as there isn't much
more in the directory. The only other condition is that
the file must have another name (no problem).
I think we are safe for the source distribution including
LPPL hyphenation files.
A binary distribution is another matter because of the compiled
*.hyph files, which are obviously derived. But again it should
be safe if we include a prominent remark in a README or
LICENSE that the distribution contains such and such stuff
defrived from foo&bar files, and provide URLs to the original
TeX files.
Of course, getting the XML files under the Apache license
would save us this hassle.

As for the other files, I think es.xml is safe too. While
there's mentioned the source was taken from Lout, it does not
put it automatically under GPL, and there is a license further
down the file which reads roughly like the artistic license.

The really problematic files are cs.xml, sk.xml and no.xml,
which are explicit GPL. I don't think there is harm for the ASF
if these files are distributed as-is with a source distribution,
but compiling them into a *.hyphs into a jar would make the
entire binary distribution GPL! Mind numbing...

And, well, I hope our PetroBras friend changed enough of the
pt.xml to claim copyright, as he assigned it summarily to
the ASF... nice, but a real legal burden! I checked it in, but
now I think I should have asked for a paper first.


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