On 17.02.2003 16:16:55 Christian Geisert wrote:
> Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> > On 15.02.2003 18:05:31 Christian Geisert wrote:
> [..]
> >><sidenote>
> >>While doing a quick search for other hyphenation optiones I've
> >>found a hyphenation dictionary which is based on the TeX
> >>hyphenation tables and licensed under GNU LGPL ...
> >></sidenote>
> > 
> > Do you have a link? LGPL is not unproblematic as could be seen in recent
> See README in hyph_de_DE.zip
> But I'm not proposing to use those patterns, I was just wondering if 
> it's ok to re-license it under LGPL.


> > discussions on community@. I would want clearance from higher up before
> > we used and (a different topic) redistributed the hyphenation patterns.
> > I can take this to the PMC and to licencing if necessary.
> +1
> [..]
> > Todos, as I see them:
> > - Remove all incompatible hyphenation files from CVS which are not clear
> >   to be ok.
> So remove everything excpet fi, pl and pt?

Yep, can you do that or shall I?

> > - Find Apache-compatible hyphenation files.
> Would be the best solution.
> > - Contact the authors of non-GPL and non-LPPL hyphenation files for
> >   permission to use and redistribute their hyphenation files.
> Could be troublesome (for example the german pattern file mentions three 
> authors)
> Any volunteers?

I can try.

> > - Maybe write a parser for Tex hyphenation files so they can be directly
> >   read by FOP (without conversion to XML, so people can download the
> >   hyphenation files themselves and make them responsible to follow the
> >   individual licences)
> IIUC we don't have to change the way the pattern are read, the problem 
> is the distribuition.

No. The patterns in FOP are currently in some XML format. The patterns
found on the web are in an ASCII format. FOP needs to be adjusted so it
can read the ASCII files directly, I think.

> For example it should be ok if we create a new SourceForge project with
> just the hyphenation patterns and license it under LPPL. Then people 
> could download the jar, put it in the lib dir and everything should be fine.

If the patterns from OpenOffice work with our hyphenation system then
we just need to make sure we can read them and point our users to that
> > - Maybe adjust FOP so it is more flexible reading hyphenation files.
> > - Add something to future release notes about hyphenation.

Jeremias Maerki

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