Arved Sandstrom wrote:
I assume "last" in this context
means last geometrically, as opposed to some other "last".
I'd think it's the last area generated and inserted in the area
tree by the parent FO of the marker, if applicable. This is of
course usually the last, geometrically, for some reasonably
intuitive definition of "geometrically". Odd things may happen
if the marker is attached to a footnode body of a footnote broken
across several pages...

I think whoever wrote this portion (markers) made the spec too abstruse. I
finally just broke my rule of adhering to the law, and considered the use
cases, and decided what made sense. :-)

Heresy! :-)

If we are discussing odd stuff, is it really true that the
blocks in a footnote body inherit the start-indent of the
block which contains the footnote????? Actually, FOP does
this, and I can't find anything in the spec providing for
the contrary.
Same applies to side floats, thereby perhaps leading to
nice circularity problems...


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