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> Subject: Re: markers in redesign
> > Exactly. All definitions regarding retrieve-position exclusively
> > refer to the "current page". There is not a single word on what should
> > happen if there is no matching marker on the current page but several
> > on the previous page which are eligible. FOP picks the last, but there
> > is absolutely nothing in the spec which backs this, and I searched
> > thoroughly last weekend.
> For the current page or containing page I take it to mean like so
> (assuming doc or
> page-sequence boundary):
> If we are on the third page of a document and we want to retrieve
> a "first-starting-
> within-page" then it will look on page 3, if it finds the marker
> then fine. If not then
> there is no such area (on the current page) and it should look at
> page 2. Page 2 is
> now the containing page and it looks for a marker that is
> "first-starting-within-
> page" on page 2. Then page 1...
> Admitedly it doesn't actually say that, but I can't interpret the
> wording otherwise.

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I re-read the spec so exhaustively that my eyes are burning. :-) I think
Keiron is right.

Boy, it would be cool if they could rewrite that section, though. :-)


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