> Exactly. All definitions regarding retrieve-position exclusively
> refer to the "current page". There is not a single word on what should
> happen if there is no matching marker on the current page but several
> on the previous page which are eligible. FOP picks the last, but there
> is absolutely nothing in the spec which backs this, and I searched
> thoroughly last weekend.

For the current page or containing page I take it to mean like so (assuming doc or 
page-sequence boundary):
If we are on the third page of a document and we want to retrieve a "first-starting-
within-page" then it will look on page 3, if it finds the marker then fine. If not 
there is no such area (on the current page) and it should look at page 2. Page 2 is 
now the containing page and it looks for a marker that is "first-starting-within-
page" on page 2. Then page 1...
Admitedly it doesn't actually say that, but I can't interpret the wording otherwise.

> BTW for the page sequence retrieving scope there is a "current page
> sequence" casually mentioned but definition of the term is left to
> imagination, in contrast to the meticulous definition of "current page".
> Additionally, some oddball examples for discussion and fun:
> <fo:block>
>   <fo:footnote><fo:inline/><fo:footnote-body><fo:block>
>     <fo:marker marker-class-name="foo"/>stuff</fo:block>
>   </fo:footnote-body></fo:footnote>
> </fo:block>
> <fo:block>
>     <fo:marker marker-class-name="foo"/>stuff
> </fo:block>

Isn't the footnote in an area that is after the main-reference area and hence last.

> Which one is the last?
> Similarly for
> <fo:block-container position="absolute" top="10cm" left="0cm"
>   width="5cm" height="5cm>
>   <fo:marker marker-class-name="foo"/><fo:block>stuff<fo:block>
> </fo:block-container>
> <fo:block-container position="absolute" top="0cm" left="0cm"
>   width="5cm" height="5cm>
>   <fo:marker marker-class-name="foo"/><fo:block>stuff<fo:block>
> </fo:block-container>

Ordering stays, regardless of where it is drawn.

> J.Pietschmann

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