> Keiron,
> I haven't looked at markers too closely, but I would tend to think that, 
> in the first case, block c is the last-starting-within-page.  Blocks a, 
> b and c all qualify; they all have an is-first trait of "true".  So 
> which one follows all others in the area tree, *in pre-order traversal 
> order*?  Pre-order traversal gives us a, b, c.  So c "follows in the 
> area tree any other similarly constrained area.

So does b and c "follow" a, what is the definition of follows.
I agree with your reasoning but we are talking about the spec. Just that off-hand 
statement about every area being better than an area "below".
I think they need to explain the implications of what the definitions are.

If you think of last-starting as sort of the opposite of first-including-carryover 
(which doesn't need to have an is-last), then the parent "a" actually comes first. 
But that is only wild speculation.

> Then the column break would have no impact on the selection.
> It seems to me that the "hierarchy" is not the same as the area tree or 
> fo tree hierarchy.  It is a unique hierarchy constructed by applying the 
> constraints on the qualifying areas.  The boundary conditions impose 
> absolute constraints - violate one and you are out.  But the other 
> conditions are not absolute, and they, along with actual page for 
> multi-page boundaries, are used to construct the hierarchy.
> I think.
> Peter

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