> Keiron Liddle wrote:
> > How do you jump from the first sentance to the second one. The "containing 
> > page" refers to the page where the marker is first formatted not where the 
> > retrieve-marker occurs.
> A marker generates areas after being retrieved by a retrieve-marker.
> The containing page is the page where the first, and indeed all areas
> generated by the marker after such a retrieval will occur.

Do you mean the page where the current retrieve-marker will retrieve the current 
marker and add the area(s). Which we could call the current page for 
So what happens if there is no marker on the current page but there was a 
marker on the previous page. This marker on the previous page generated or 
retruned the first area from the retrieved marker and therefore is the "containing 
page" in some context.

Another point, why have this statement:
"A qualifying area within a page is better than any qualifying area within a 
preceding page,"
Unless it is possible that if there is no qualifying marker on the current page then 
is possible to retrieve a marker from a preceding page.

> There is no such concept of a page where a certain FO occurs, in particular
> if static content is involved, which is necessarily the case if the FO
> is a retrieve-marker.
> > I vote for a clarification and a re-write, the containing page is defined by the 
> > retrieved marker, the marker to retrieve is defined by the containing page.
> The formulation is indeed most contrived, but there is only one reasonable
> possibility to get out of the circle.
> I admit I have no really good idea how to reformulate the whole mess.
> BTW there are attempts on EXSLFO to muddy this issue further by
> allowing retrieve-marker in the normal flow...
> J.Pietschmann

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