On 07.03.2003 14:36:49 Togan Muftuoglu wrote:
> Hi,
> * Jeremias Maerki; <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> on 06 Mar, 2003 wrote:
> >> Let me know if you need further information ,
> >
> >It would be good if we could find the location where the trhyph.tex in
> >the SuSE ditribution comes from. I don't want to download the whole
> >thing just for verifying one little file.
> I have asked the maintainer and the reply is a follows
> <answer>
> In the .spec file it isn't listed separately.  Thus I assume it's part
> of the regular teTeX distribution.  Hope this helps!
> </answer>
> So I would asssume all the teTeX distributions have trhypen.tex file and
> Debian is also strict with licenses so if it's in Debian then it means
> at least it has the TeX licence

Too many assumptions for me. :-)

> Hope this helps. Do you want me to contact Turgut Uyar or have you done
> it already

I can do that. I've also found an email address of Pierre MacKay.

Keiron, I assume it was you who wrote two of the mails and put the
notifications on the Wiki page? With only the IP address it's difficult
to tell (you can register your name in "Preferences". Nudge, nudge). Was
it Togan, you contacted or one of the other two? Not that we write to
the same people twice. Thanks

Jeremias Maerki

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