* J.Pietschmann; <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> on 06 Mar, 2003 wrote:
Togan Muftuoglu wrote:
side note why do I have to work the harder way no spellchecker no
hyphenation I started wondering am I the only one using these things
under Linux :-(

Until recently ispell was "good enough". It's a bit dated now but you could check Savannah whether anybody picked it up for further development. SourceForge has a handful of projects for spell checkers, most of which should be cross-platform. Which does not imply they can be already used. Then there is MozSpell, and OpenOffice has some sort of spell checker too.

It gets off topic yet for the record there is none for Turkish ( Ok there is hyphenation for Turkish under an unknown licence for TeX)

I just did for myself a Turkish dictionary to be used with aspell yet
with a language like Turkish the wordlist can be as conjugated to a
figure like so it is not realistic and possible to have
affixes to be able to create such a big list from a 35.000 root words


Togan Muftuoglu

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