* Jeremias Maerki; <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> on 06 Mar, 2003 wrote:
related C source file
from Pierre A. MacKay which states that in case of commercial
distribution the author must be contacted. Which is one more indicator
that there could be problems with licensing. The whole TeX thing is a
legal nightmare if you ask me. Well, maybe we (or I) are overdoing
things here but we (or I) want to do it right.

Well shoot I found his papers and the whole thing is about with ottoman turkish ( not the turkish we use today and his original hypenation is tkhyphen.tex ) and now I know why there are some silly suggestions when hyphenating :-)

Let me know if you need further information ,

It would be good if we could find the location where the trhyph.tex in the SuSE ditribution comes from. I don't want to download the whole thing just for verifying one little file.

I will ask the tetex maintainer to find I out I'll let you know as soon as I get a reply from him.

side note why do I have to work the harder way no spellchecker no hyphenation I started wondering am I the only one using these things under Linux :-(


Togan Muftuoglu

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