> I made some decent progress today on getting my head into the trunk code,
> and to document some of what I have learned. I am still confused by the
> "Development" and "Redesign" tabs. At first, I thought that maybe
> "Development" was for those who might be developing on the maintenance
> branch, and "Redesign" for those on the trunk, but the title to the index
> document under "Development" seems to belie that. I see that we have some
> problems with the left nav bar that result from our directory structure. For
> example, first click http://xml.apache.org/fop/design/index.html, then click
> on the tab entitled "Understanding", and watch the left nav bar change,
> which you would think it should not. Perhaps we made the two tabs to ease
> that problem? Assuming that I can find the Forrest solution to that problem,
> is there any objection to merging these two tabs into one entitled
> "Development"?

Hi Victor,

The original idea of the development was for user documentation for the current 
development. So it can be updated as the API and other such details are changed.

For example with the faq, it had some different information on things such as text 
in SVG. Maybe it would be better to only have the new information there.

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