> With regard to the faq, I just last night sliced out nearly all of the
> contents of the dev/faq.xml file. As far as I could tell, it was a duplicate
> of an old version of the faq.xml. Those changes are not reflected on the
> site yet (I have emailed Jeff to try to find out why not).

It wasn't quite a duplication of the old version. So where should the new/updated 
information be put? It should be put somewhere so the information can be updated 
as we a\go and not be lost while still have the old version available.

> I don't care a lot about whether we have 1 or 2 developer tabs -- I just
> want to clarify what they are, not only so that I know what to put where,
> but also so that the web site users understand what they are seeing. It is
> confusing enough to have two branches of development, but to have our
> documentation mixed up or unclear is a serious problem. A case could be made
> that we don't want a developer tab for the maintenance branch, because we
> don't really want anyone developing for it. I kind of thought that was what
> was going on when I saw the index for it with the title "FOP 1.0
> development".
> I propose the following for a 3-tab structure (I am not ignoring the Alt
> Design tab, it just isn't affected by this):
>     Home
>     Release Development
>     1.0 Development
> If you prefer to combine the developer doc, then:
>     Home
>     Development
> Victor Mote

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