Victor Mote wrote:

> Keiron Liddle wrote:
> > > With regard to the faq, I just last night sliced out nearly all of the
> > > contents of the dev/faq.xml file. As far as I could tell, it
> > was a duplicate
> > > of an old version of the faq.xml. Those changes are not
> reflected on the
> > > site yet (I have emailed Jeff to try to find out why not).
> >
> > It wasn't quite a duplication of the old version. So where should
> > the new/updated
> > information be put? It should be put somewhere so the information
> > can be updated
> > as we a\go and not be lost while still have the old version available.
> OK, I'll go back & do a more thorough review of what was in there
> & put any
> useful content back in place.

I have reviewed the old version of the dev/faq.xml, and added the content
back. Specifically, there was some information about SVG text rendering
that, instead of placing into the dev faq, I placed into the user svg
documentation. I also moved some of the content that was in the user svg faq
to the svg document, and added a link to it. I ended up also pushing some of
the dev/svg.xml content to svg.xml, as it was stuff that was user-oriented.
I left the "examples" in dev, but they should probably be moved to the user
doc as well.

I am pretty sure that, regardless of the web site structure, we don't want
to have the duplication that existed between the user and dev versions of
the faq & svg documents. If anyone disagrees with that, please let me know &
I'll be glad to explain. Also, I don't think we want to use the FAQ as a
primary documentation vehicle, but rather use it as a place to provide links
in the primary doc for the answers. I hope we can reach a concensus on this
because it is quite a pain to go back after the fact and reconcile

If there are differences between the maintenance and trunk development
lines, I think the easiest way to deal with them is to address them directly
in one unified doc, rather than trying to maintain two docs.

Victor Mote

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