Victor Mote wrote:

> I'm inferring from your comments that you prefer the 3 tabs
> described above,
> so I'll just go ahead & implement them, and work on changing the
> content to
> match that scheme.

After thinking through this further, I am convinced that there will be no
practical way to maintain one tab for each of the development lines. There
is a lot of overlap, and I don't think anyone wants to maintain two sets of
documents. For documents that are clearly for the redesign only, we can mark
them so in various ways to avoid confusion. We have a similar problem for
users when we do a release from the trunk. If we combine the 2 development
tabs into one, I think that eliminates the Forrest problem that was
discussed recently, where clicking an item in tab 1 can jump you to tab 2.
Any comments?

Victor Mote

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