The XSL FAQ link is incorrect. It is currently:


showing the directory contents of "Index of xsl/"... It should be:


  3.9. Hyphenation does not work.

  Set the language attribute somewhere. Check whether you use a
  language for which hyphenation is supported. Supported languages
  can be deduced from the files in the hyph directory of the FOP
  source distribution.

Adding examples of how to add hyphenation would limit the number of questions fop-user (perhaps something like this--or whatever might work):

<fo:root lang="pt">

Also, to determine the included hyphenation patterns in FOP, one currently has to download the Source distribution and look in the hyph directory (at the very least, it would be better to indicate "hyph/" directory). Even better would be to indicate which languages are included. Also, this would be a good place to indicate where one might find links to hyphenation patterns which do work (or provide a link to the Resources page where there might be links to other hyph patterns--and also info on how to "convert", say TeX patterns to FOP-usable ones). (NOTE: I understand there are problems with including copyrighted hyphenation patterns in the FOP distribution, but aren't there patterns for which people may download patterns but their licenses simply do not allow them to be included in Apache stuff?).


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