On 5/28/2003 12:02 AM, Jeremias Maerki wrote:
A comment concerning the hyphenation patterns: I think what you suggest
is necessary but there was also the idea of sparing the average FOP user
the necessity to dig into licensing issues. A really frustrating
experience. Just for the record. :-)

On 27.05.2003 19:42:19 Clay Leeds wrote:
  3.9. Hyphenation does not work.

  Set the language attribute somewhere. Check whether you use a
  language for which hyphenation is supported. Supported languages
  can be deduced from the files in the hyph directory of the FOP
  source distribution.

While I agree we should "spare" the average user of licensing issues, my point is that there are places where the average user can legally download the same hyph patterns Apache cannot incorporate into their products for licensing reasons. As long as they are links to pages (I don't recommend links to the files themselves! ;-p), it would seem helpful to provide such links. The average user may not have to deal with the licensing issues the Apache Foundation has to deal with (they may have to "deal" with them, but may be in their rights to use them or to fulfill the licensing requirements to use them).

As for the Hyphenation FAQ, it's so brief it begs to have questions submitted to fop-user by anyone having hyphenation problems. I, for one, still don't even understand how it works. It would be great to merely put something like this:

You can find an example of implementing hyphenation patterns in this example xsl-fo document:


The relevant code for adding hyphenation to an fo:block is:



Of course, I still don't know how to apply a language attribute to my XML source file. The XML Bible Gold Edition shows this:

<q xml:lang="fr-FR" cite="ftp://movie0.archive.org/pub/etext/etext01/swann10h.htm";
Longtemps, je me suis couche' de bonne heure[..]

After reading this, I would try adding the following to my document:

<doc xml:lang="en-US">
<paragraph-pertaining-to-EOB-children>Yata yata yata </paragraph-pertaining-to-EOB-children>

(or I could use <doc xml:lang="en-GB"> or merely <doc xml:lang="en"> because of our current licensing problems)...

BTW, how does one allow the en-GB hyphenation pattern (which is included with the FOP distribution) to work for en-US (which I believe isn't included due to licensing issues)? I remember someone mentioning somewhere a workaround, but I don't recall what it was. Something like naming it "en" instead of "en-GB" or something.

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