I'm grateful that you indicate problem spots in our documentation and
offer suggestions. But may I encourage you to just do (TM) the changes
yourself and submit patches in the future? Your suggestions would make
it on the website a lot faster that way. We are eager to help you set up
your environment to do this.

A comment concerning the hyphenation patterns: I think what you suggest
is necessary but there was also the idea of sparing the average FOP user
the necessity to dig into licensing issues. A really frustrating
experience. Just for the record. :-)

On 27.05.2003 19:42:19 Clay Leeds wrote:
> The XSL FAQ link is incorrect. It is currently:
>    http://dpawson.co.uk/xsl/
> showing the directory contents of "Index of xsl/"... It should be:
>    http://dpawson.co.uk/xsl/xslfaq.html
>    3.9. Hyphenation does not work.
>    Set the language attribute somewhere. Check whether you use a
>    language for which hyphenation is supported. Supported languages
>    can be deduced from the files in the hyph directory of the FOP
>    source distribution.
> Adding examples of how to add hyphenation would limit the number of 
> questions fop-user (perhaps something like this--or whatever might work):
>    <fo:root lang="pt">
> Also, to determine the included hyphenation patterns in FOP, one 
> currently has to download the Source distribution and look in the hyph 
> directory (at the very least, it would be better to indicate "hyph/" 
> directory). Even better would be to indicate which languages are 
> included. Also, this would be a good place to indicate where one might 
> find links to hyphenation patterns which do work (or provide a link to 
> the Resources page where there might be links to other hyph 
> patterns--and also info on how to "convert", say TeX patterns to 
> FOP-usable ones). (NOTE: I understand there are problems with including 
> copyrighted hyphenation patterns in the FOP distribution, but aren't 
> there patterns for which people may download patterns but their licenses 
> simply do not allow them to be included in Apache stuff?).

Jeremias Maerki

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