Clay Leeds wrote:

> I've downloaded CVS xml-fop. However, I don't know how to use it. Also,
> I don't know where the web site docs are located so I wouldn't know how
> to patch/submit patches for the web site. Any clues? Can someone point
> me in the direction of the web site CVS? I'd love to start patching
> away. (NOTE: to Victor et al, the docs are already in *much* better
> shape than when I first got here ~1 year ago!)

The location of the web site docs is given at:

The procedure for creating a patch is at:

Some information for setting up and using CVS, including a link to a GUI CVS
client for the Mac, is located at:

As with all of the doc, if it is deficient, please submit a patch ;-).
Seriously, please do point out or fix any deficiencies to make it better for
the next guy.

Victor Mote

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